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Members Board


Our members board is split up into 6 slabs (50 litres - full brew). If you only wanted anything from 1 -  5 slabs worth of any particular beer you can utilise the board. (When you require 6 slabs of 1 beer, our friendly staff can place this order for you.)

  • If a beer you're interested in is on the board write your name against it for required amount of slabs.
  • If a beer is not on the board write down the number & name then the required amount of slabs.
  • If you have kegs your name will need to be written down for 2 slabs worth.
  • Once all six slabs have been filled, we will go ahead and brew this fine quality craft beer for you.
  • After 2 or 3 weeks of brew time we will give you a call to come and bottle your beer or collect in kegs.

For any further explanation or quiries please call our friendly staff.