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The Brew Barn
is an exciting brew on premise microbrewery where you become the head brewer and use our commercial grade brewing equipment and fine quality ingredients to create your own chemical and preservative free great tasting craft beer.
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We have over 180 local and imported premium beers available to choose from, ranging from the light coloured refreshing traditional summer beers through to the finest quality dark ales and stouts, let?s not forget there are some Aussie icon?s amongst the mix as well. The Brew Barn offers you the complete brewing experience, from working the kettle, to pouring the perfect head whilst sampling your beer on your bottling day.


The Brew Barn offers a welcoming friendly environment where you can come down on your own, with some mates or bring along the family, and enjoy the great social atmosphere whilst brewing your own liquid gold.

Trading Hours

Tuesday to Friday 11am - 7pm

Saturday 10am - 4pm

Sunday 10am -1pm



Easter & Anzac Day Closure

Friday 19th April - Closed

Saturday 20th April - Closed

Sunday 21st April - Closed

Monday 22nd April - Closed

Tuesday 23rd April - Closed

Wednesday 24th April - Closed

Thursday 25th April Anzac Day - Closed