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Brewing Process

Just call us or drop in to make a brewing time, and our friendly staff will help you with the rest.


1. Choose your Brew

Select a beer from our comprehensive range of both local and imported beers, with over 150 great tasting beers on offer, your thoughts will be in beer utopia. If you have a favourite local or imported beer you regularly drink chances are we will have a recipe that is very similar to it.


2. Making your Brew

Step by step easy to follow instructions are provided to ensure that your brewing experience is an enjoyable one and there is always one of our expert staff available to provide assistance at any stage. 


3. Fermentation

This is where we come in, we place your brew into our purpose built fermenting room where it sits for around 10 days to ensure a controlled fermentation and a perfect brew every time. Your beer is then transferred into our cold room for a couple of days which allows your brew to settle and mature.


4. Bottling and Keging

On your bottling day your beer will be chilled to perfection, triple filtered, carbonated to your liking and best of all ready to drink.

If using your own bottles you must ensure they are clean, we will then assist you to sterilise your bottles using our bottle rinser / sanitiser. You can then complete the bottling and capping process which takes approx 60 minutes. Your brew will make approximately 50 litres which equates to 6 cartons (144 x 330ml bottles) or if you are using kegs just bring them in and we will fill them for you.


Bottles and kegs are available for sale in store.


5. Drinking

The Brew Barn staff class themselves as fully trained experts in this step of the brewing process and are only too happy to offer assistance if you need it, although we are sure that you have plenty of family and friends that are more than happy to offer their assistance at this most enjoyable stage